Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello...and Good-bye...

I'll admit that I've sort of fallen off the blogging bandwagon. There are the usual excuses...spending more time painting (definitely a good thing), too busy with life, and so on. But I've also been taking some time to re-focus, think about how I want to spend my creative energy and also how to best present myself professionally.

So I've made some changes. I've been working on my website--cleaning up and polishing it's look  to present (hopefully) a more professional image. Along those lines, I've decided to drop the "created by risa" logo/branding and now you can simply find my website at :  I've struggled with this one since I've created my website. My reasoning in going with created by risa was that Tritabaugh is not an easy name to spell. But what I have observed time and time again is that professional artists nearly always use their name as their website address. After all, eventually you want to develop name recognition. And so, the change has been made.

Over time I will make other changes, so that things will be more cohesive. Soon I will be eliminating my created by risa Facebook page and have in its place created my Risa Tritabaugh - Artist Facebook page.  I hope you will follow me there!

And one of my biggest changes will occur right here...I've decided to discontinue this created by risa blog and start blogging right at my website.  It makes sense on different levels--1) It will save me some time and energy that I can better use painting; and 2) It will hopefully draw more attention to my website.

My focus will still be my art, my creative process and inspirations. I will focus a little less on personal life issues and will go back to writing about the more personal side of life at my very first blog--The Assorted Adventures of a Middle-Aged Urbanite. (You can follow me there to stay in the loop. I'll try to write more frequently. Keyword: Try) 

I have very much enjoyed writing this blog and I hope you will continue to follow me over at my website. It is, as always, a work in progress. 

Thank you for following along on my journey as an artist. It is in no way over...I'm just starting a new chapter.

Au revoir.

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