Monday, March 17, 2008

New work

The beginning phase of the painting. The white space will be purple.

Furthur along.


Another painting in the series. Laying down the spaces.


It's been sort of a long month for me. My recovery from the oral surgery has been long (and still ongoing) and set me back as far as working in the studio. This last week I got back in the studio and managed to finish 3 paintings. 1 small 8x10 and 2 larger 16x20's (pictured above).

These are a part of a series that I started earlier this winter (see painting pictured on right below favorite links). Actually, in a sense, I started them years ago as small studies on paper using chalk pastels. The finished product on canvas with acrylic is somewhat different, but I am still exploring the same themes.

Right now I am primarily painting abstract forms. Sometimes that surprises me, since that is not generally my "favorite" art to view. But when I'm painting, it doesn't "feel" abstract. In fact, it feels much more emotional in quality than when I'm painting something more literally.

These are about energy.

I think of them like rivers flowing.