Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birch trees

Today I finally made it to the studio and finished work on 3 paintings that I started a few weeks ago...they are all of the same subject matter--basically two birch trees standing next to one another and then branching off into different directions under a moonlit sky.
The colors are vibrant--deep purple and green. The shapes are fairly simple. I think I will be doing more of these. This is a quick picture I took when I was done. More to follow.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday EtsyFest

The sale is on!
If you go to this blog, you can find links to all the sellers offering holiday deals:
Or you can always spend your time at my shop:
Happy Holidays All!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Good bye treasury!

My treasury will be disappearing in a few short hours. I really do like it. No front page, but I will try again. (this post will be my little treasury memory)

Hope you all had a happy turkey day!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Etsy Treasury...and a second sale!

I'm so's been a good night on Etsy. First, I snagged a treasury. It's hard to explain, but it's a gallery of other people's stuff that you put together...and then hope it's featured on the front page of Etsy. Anyway, if you have a minute, take a look, click on some of the items, cause it will help me get to the front page.

Second, I sold another necklace! So weird too...cause I accidently relisted it so someone might see it for their treasury. (I meant to relist a different necklace). It's one of the first necklaces I listed.

I'm not sure I'm going to sleep tonight!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I got featured!

feature button2

I was featured on the above blog, by a fellow Etsy artist who runs Dragonfly Fine Designs. She has a blog and an Etsy shop, that features an array of practical but stylish baby products. Check out her blog at

You can see the feature and from there find her Etsy shop! (If you can, post a comment on her blog to let her know I sent you!)

Click on the pic and it will take you to dragonfly's shop.

More later, but I have to jet off to work!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday EtsyFest

Another weekend almost gone. Why do they go so fast? There simply wasn't enough studio time, but I'm busy getting ready for the big Thanksgiving feast at my house, including my kids, mom & a few other family members. Today I did the major shopping trip for the meal. I'm sure there will be other pit stops to pick up those things I forgot.
But I'm still focused on getting more work done in the studio and ready for my Etsy shop. I finished a few more necklaces and a bracelet this weekend. I need to finish up the Christmas ornaments so I can have them listed by this weekend.
It's not easy figuring out ways to get people to "find" your Etsy shop. And it kinda drives you crazy when you put so much work into it and you feel noone is seeing it. (I don't think I'm the only one feeling this way). I'm looking at options, such as placing some ads on Facebook, myspace... I'm also participating in this BIG sale on Etsy and I hope people will find my shop.
Not just my shop, but the work of so many talented folks on Etsy. It's rather addicting...surfing the shops on Etsy. (Just try it!). So from time to time you might see me feature the work of another Etsy artist here on my blog. (It's the kind of cross-promotion I hope to be participating in to draw more viewers to my shop).
So in a few days I'll update you on this fabulous Holiday EtsyFest. It's a wonderful opportunity to shop from home and find fantastic deals for the holidays. Besides who really wants to get up up at 6 in the morning, climb into a cold car just to go shopping.
Shop in your bathrobe instead!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New etsy listings

The "workshop"...ornaments in process

New etsy listings...a bracelet and 2 necklaces

Sunday, November 9, 2008


It was a good weekend at the studio. I continued working on my birch tree paintings today. They are not quite done, but I made great progress.

Well, I think they are close to being done. Sometimes that's the tricky part...knowing when you are done. On Saturday I started the paintings by laying down the initial blocks of color...painting often involves layering of paint, color...until you get the coverage you want and the color you want.

Today I laid down another layer or two. When I left yesterday, I thought I had the colors right, but I made dramatic changes. Which leads me to wonder how I'll feel about it all tomorrow.


Hard to believe that a little over a week ago I was in beautiful Sedona. Here's a few shots from my trip.

I'm hoping my Sedona memories keep me warm (and provide inspiration) throughout this winter.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Painting again

I am spending much of the day over at the studio. Yes. I started off this morning trying to do some beading, but I just wasn't into it. I knew where I needed to be: the studio.

I dove right into starting some new paintings. I haven't touched a brush to a canvas since the art crawl. I've been itching to get some painting done...and I think that "itch" got so strong today that beading held no appeal. Plus now with the shorter days, it's not as great painting at the studio (less natural light). It may be cloudy today (and cold), but I'll take whatever natural light I can.

I have some paintings in progress, but I felt like starting some new stuff today. What I feel like painting is influenced by any number of things: whats going on in my life, the weather/seasons, my mood, whatever... Today I started a new series totalling 3 canvases (so far). The paintings are of 2 birch trees, right next to each other, rising to the sky and then branching off in two different directions. (Don't worry they'll be pictures eventually).

It is more representational than some of my work, but certainly not "realistic". But hey, don't ever expect that from my artwork...unless I'm taking a photograph.

I'll update later about these paintings. For now I'm heading back to the studio.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vacation Wrap Up

Sorry for my tardiness in writing about my trip to Arizona. I guess writing while I listen to election coverage is as good a time as ever.

It was a wonderful trip...good to get away. And Sedona is inspirational on many levels. First off, geographically it is a fascinating area. The red rock canyons are spectacular...and unlike any other part of the country I've seen. Sedona is the center of red rock canyon land. The colors of the rock are something to behold, coupled with the bluest of skies...amazing. I couldn't take enough pictures of the red rock...and I don't think my pictures really do them justice. Still, I'll post some pics soon.

And then, Sedona is a very "artsy" community. The town is filled to the brim with various art galleries/shops. It also boasts a very nice Community Art Center. We tried to take in as much as we could, but battled sensory overload much of the week.

The weather...outstanding. It was a little warmer than average when we were there...and I was thrilled. Highs in the mid-80's, no humidity (making for good-hair days!), no clouds, crisp air. We managed to set aside a little time to sit by the pool!

There were lots of bead shops in/around Sedona...and my favorite was actually going out of business, so I scooped up lots of good deals. I did manage to make a few necklaces while in Arizona (and they're up on Etsy already!).

One of the side trips we took during the week was to an abandoned copper mining town named Jerome. The town is now "inhabited" by various artists...basically they have taken over all the little shops...there are still a few saloons set up as such. It was a lovely town to wander through and see alot of original artwork...often with the artists present. We actually stopped to watch a glass blower do his thing. I actually enjoyed viewing art in this venue much more than in the overpriced galleries of Sedona.

It was hard to return the sense that it's hard to return to the reality of "real life", which includes juggling work, the chores of keeping a home running, family obligations...There simply doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get it all done...and have the time to spend in the studio as I would like.

But I will continue to juggle. I am anxious to get some studio time in and do some painting. I've had my post-crawl break and need to get back to work. I'm ready to start putting the images swimming in my head on canvas.

And exciting news: while I was sitting on the plane waiting to take off for Arizona, I received a phone message from a woman who had visited my studio with her daughter during the crawl. She wants to buy one of my paintings for her daughter! I talked to her tonight to wrap up details.

I am psyched!