Saturday, November 8, 2008

Painting again

I am spending much of the day over at the studio. Yes. I started off this morning trying to do some beading, but I just wasn't into it. I knew where I needed to be: the studio.

I dove right into starting some new paintings. I haven't touched a brush to a canvas since the art crawl. I've been itching to get some painting done...and I think that "itch" got so strong today that beading held no appeal. Plus now with the shorter days, it's not as great painting at the studio (less natural light). It may be cloudy today (and cold), but I'll take whatever natural light I can.

I have some paintings in progress, but I felt like starting some new stuff today. What I feel like painting is influenced by any number of things: whats going on in my life, the weather/seasons, my mood, whatever... Today I started a new series totalling 3 canvases (so far). The paintings are of 2 birch trees, right next to each other, rising to the sky and then branching off in two different directions. (Don't worry they'll be pictures eventually).

It is more representational than some of my work, but certainly not "realistic". But hey, don't ever expect that from my artwork...unless I'm taking a photograph.

I'll update later about these paintings. For now I'm heading back to the studio.

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