Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday EtsyFest

Another weekend almost gone. Why do they go so fast? There simply wasn't enough studio time, but I'm busy getting ready for the big Thanksgiving feast at my house, including my kids, mom & a few other family members. Today I did the major shopping trip for the meal. I'm sure there will be other pit stops to pick up those things I forgot.
But I'm still focused on getting more work done in the studio and ready for my Etsy shop. I finished a few more necklaces and a bracelet this weekend. I need to finish up the Christmas ornaments so I can have them listed by this weekend.
It's not easy figuring out ways to get people to "find" your Etsy shop. And it kinda drives you crazy when you put so much work into it and you feel noone is seeing it. (I don't think I'm the only one feeling this way). I'm looking at options, such as placing some ads on Facebook, myspace... I'm also participating in this BIG sale on Etsy and I hope people will find my shop.
Not just my shop, but the work of so many talented folks on Etsy. It's rather addicting...surfing the shops on Etsy. (Just try it!). So from time to time you might see me feature the work of another Etsy artist here on my blog. (It's the kind of cross-promotion I hope to be participating in to draw more viewers to my shop).
So in a few days I'll update you on this fabulous Holiday EtsyFest. It's a wonderful opportunity to shop from home and find fantastic deals for the holidays. Besides who really wants to get up up at 6 in the morning, climb into a cold car just to go shopping.
Shop in your bathrobe instead!

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