Sunday, April 19, 2009

In just a week...

I am in a state of creative frenzy this weekend. The art crawl is just next weekend and I have loads to do. First off, there is those half dozen half-completed projects that I would like to wrap up. Then there is the cleaning, organizing of the studio into more of a gallery (versus work) space. Oy!

It has been hard to focus on the crawl these past weeks...the application process for the move was very distracting. Even now there is a part of me that is in a bit of a panic over moving and wants to be packing and organizing at home. But I am forcing myself to get over to the studio and focus.

Once I'm there, focusing is not a problem. I turn on my music and I'm in "the zone". I slept very hard last night...only disturbed in the early morning by horrid leg cramps that I got from standing on concrete all day (at the studio). I'm going to read the paper quick and then to the studio for the day.

Until the crawl and the move is over, my etsy shop is being severely neglected. Next weekend I will put my shop on vacation mode--because everything will be offered for sale at my gallery. Once the crawl is over I will be able to post some new artwork that I've been working on for the crawl (unless it all sells! LOL) Bear with me folks! Life is getting a little crazy...but it's a whole lot of fun!


whyte said...

And you summed it up in a nutshell with your last statement, life is a whole lot of fun! Etsy can wait a little while!

Pat said...

Risa, did I tell you I love your new place? That is so kewlllll!

whyte aka Pat