Saturday, April 11, 2009

Melange Team challenge

Here are the pieces of the "puzzle"/challenge

This is my finished piece

I completed my piece for my first Melange Team mixed media challenge just under the wire. I completed the piece on Thursday and the photos were due on Friday! Of course, I received the challenge materials about a month ago!

To backdrack...this was the first challenge put together by the Mixed Media etsy team that I recently joined. The team is comprised of some very talented mixed media artists--all with more experience in mixed media than myself. When the challenge was announced, I joined on a whim. Afterwards, I got a little nervous.

For this challenge we all received the same pieces to work with. Our directions were to use all the pieces, save 2, in completing our own piece. (I have to admit, I omitted more than 2) We could add one item of our own, use whatever substrate we chose, use our own paint and other medium...

The goal was to challenge ourselves, stretch a bit...try something new. And the pressure was that everyone else in the group was working with the same stuff...I certainly didn't want to come up with something awful.

It was an interesting experience...somthing I haven't done before. It was definitely something very different than I've done before. Life got more hectic than I anticipated these past few putting this project off wasn't necessarily a good plan. But then again, I wanted to be more spontaneous with this project...think less and see what I could throw together.

So here it is. I wanted it to feel fun. I used half of a vintage box as my base. I took the tissue paper and had some fun with modpodge to create the background. I just couldn't cut up that bingo card, so I left it intact and I added some dice to complete the piece.

The fun part came in the reveal...everyone shared pics of the works they created. If you visit the Melange team blog here, I believe you will be able to see some of the pics of the other finished pieces soon.


Glenda-TwoCoolTexans said...

Risa, great job! I enjoyed so much reading about your process. I hope that we can do this many more times!

whyte said...

Risa, love the way you collaged the tissue, I'd absolutely have to do that too, love working with things transparent and how they blend, thanks for sharing your thoughts as you created!

Stacy said...

Risa, tell me about the number 4.