Sunday, May 31, 2009

Move complete...well, sort of

In a few hours we will be turning in our keys to our old place, Lowertown Commons (pictured above). Yippee! Then we will be officially done with moving.

It's been a month of moving. 5 weekends of moving during the glorious time of the year when the world here in Minnesota is becoming green again.

I am ready for moving to be over.

Not that it is over, really. We are far from settled in our new place. But that will come along. This morning I started arranging things in the work space that my hubby and I will be sharing. This will be my creating space...largely for beading and smaller art projects. (We will still keep our studio space at the Jax where I do my painting).

Yesterday I think the exhaustion from moving and all this upheaval hit me...I sort of had a little meltdown...just so tired that I needed to have a good cry. There's a lot of change in the air these days...plenty of endings and new beginnings rolled into...I'm not sure what. In the past month, I have not had my usual "down" time...time to myself to putz, create, or whatever. I really need that time. I feel out of balance without it.

So, I'm looking forward to life returning to normal...this new sort of normal called Life at the Tilsner.

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Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Congrats on the move! Hopefully your new abode will be just what you need.
I know what you mean by that down time, whether to create or just flop into a pile of good books and magazines. You will hopefully get to that soon and it will be glorious!