Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving Update 2

I had every intention to post pics of the new place as we're working on the move...really, I did, but it's been so busy. Today was a typical workday...the 9-5 gig followed by some errands (trip to Target for supplies) and then to the new place to do some more painting. The bulk of the painting is done. Still some hallways to do. I will be so glad to be done with painting walls. I'd rather paint canvases any day!

Just 2 more nights of sleeping in our old place. Joel has lived here over 6 years and I have been just over 2. It was the first place we lived together.

But the new place will be the first home that we have chosen together and decorated together. It's a fun beginning. And even though it's been a lot of hard work and there's been plenty of stress and little squabbles along the way, we are both excited about our new place and this beginning.

Wednesday will be the day for moving all our big stuff. We've been moving lots of stuff ourselves, but Wednesday is the day the furniture goes to the new place. We'll still have stuff to move after the furniture is moved, but it's a major hurdle.

So I make no promises that pictures will be posted in the next few days. But there will be the deluxe tour in the near horizon.


Waterstone Jewelry said...

My thoughts are with you. We just moved last year. I can relate to the frequent trips to Target. What would we do without it?

Cynthia said...

Your move is turning into such a fascinating read, it is book worthy. Lots to identify with!