Sunday, June 14, 2009

Painting and planting

Works In Progress

It's been a darn near perfect Sunday.
Late in the morning I headed out to the studio, with a cruise through the Farmer's Market in mind...mostly to take some pics. On my way down, I saw a sign up in our elevator inviting Tilsner residents to meet in the back later in the day to do some gardening.

That's all the invitation I needed. As I strolled through the Farmer's Market, I couldn't resist buying a few flowers to plant.

After buying the flowers, I headed to the studio to continue working on the small paintings I started on Saturday. Summer, sunlight, flowers all around...definitely having an influence on the work I'm doing. I'm loving the brightness of orange, a light yellow green and magenta.

And then after painting flowers, I spent a few hours planting them. Actually more time was spent weeding than planting. Tilsner residents (along with folks at the Northern next door) tend to some green space behind our building. I am thrilled to have a place to do some gardening again.

Painting and planting...two of my passions (and great therapy as well).


ArtSnark said...

SO bright & cheerful! Thanks for sharing :D

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

I love your paintings...they'll definitely brighten a room!