Saturday, July 25, 2009

Home projects

Hubby and I are busy working on home projects. After living in our new place for 2 months, we are tackling a long list of projects we've wanted to get done. We are painting our two hallways--the one by the bathroom and our entryway, pictured above. I love how the entryway is looking--the brick walls complimented by a terra cotta color around the closets and then a "Sedona Clay" color on the opposite wall (It really is called "sedona clay! It is a lighter shade than the terra cotta...sort of a earthy apricot/peach shade). Overall, the combination of paint colors gives it a bit of a southwest feel. And the colors definitely work well with the brick.

We are also trying to hang some shelves, which is proving a bit tricky. Our building is a renovated historic building that once housed a box company. The interior walls leave a bit to be desired...they didn't use the typical wood studs under the drywall, so it's hard to hang stuff. We are making it work, but there are some challenges.

Once the shelves are hung we will be ready to do more organizing and then start hanging some artwork--mine! We went over to the Jax studio today and brought home a number of finished paintings. The picture above shows a still life that will have a home above our fiestaware cabinet.

There will be more pictures as we finish projects. I am really happy with how our new home is looking (love having all that color on the walls!)

Oh, and a bonus today--when we ran out to get some additional hardware for hanging the shelves, we drove by one of my favorite local art supply stores, Wet Paint. They were having a sidewalk sale! I managed to scoop up some canvases at a great price. Yay!


ArtSnark said...

Looking good - love all the colors

Aly Beth said...

That piece looks incredible on your mantle!