Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lowertown First Friday--Review


I'd thought I'd share a few shots of my studio as it was set up for Lowertown First Friday. It's a pain to clean up the studio, but I always like how it looks when it's done. I love seeing all my paintings hanging together on the walls.




Since it was the first LFF (Lowertown First Friday), the crowd was small--as expected. But the weather was beautiful and like the other artists opened, it was wonderful visiting with the folks that came out. I had a few friends stop by and that always feels good. There were visitors that had been to my studio before and came by to see my work again. And then were the newcomers. Overall, the feedback to the idea of LFF was very positive and I think the event will continue to grow. At least, I'm hoping it will.

Save the date--Friday, December 4th--for the second Lowertown First Friday.

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