Monday, November 9, 2009


With First Friday over, it was time to go to work and make the studio messy again! I headed over to the Jax late Sunday morning and started putting things away.  While the sun was still shining bright, I took some pics of some of my smaller paintings. I'm hoping to list some of them on Etsy soon.

Before I knew it, another pesky wasp (or whatever it is) was flying around--even daring to land on my blank canvas. Grrr....

After taking lots of pictures (and the sun going into hiding), I pulled out some canvases and went to work.  I'm not always sure what I'll feel like working on when I head to the studio. I always have several things in the work. I decided to start painting these two 18x36 canvases that I've been planning for some time. More eggplant paintings. I love painting eggplants (but hate eating them). 


I painted for several hours. The hours passed by quickly...just me painting with a variety of music keeping me company (a little Keb Mo, James Taylor, and Carole King).  After I worked on the 2 new eggplant paintings, I started a new abstract painting (sorry, no pic). It went really well--it was something that just came to me.

I really needed this good day at the studio. Saturday was a hard day. I was tired and honestly, a little on edge. Life's been piling on lots of stress lately...and it's catching up with me. I know that work will be incredibly stressful this coming week (more on that in a later post), and having a good day painting--well, for me, it's like doing yoga...or whatever you do to "let go" of things.

So I hope that you enjoyed your weekend and you're ready for the week ahead.


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Christine Witt said...

Thank you for posting the address to your blog on the Brush Dance Facebook page, Risa.

I've enjoyed reading all about you and your art process.

I do not - on the other hand - enjoy seeing, hearing about, or looking at wasps! Yikes!!