Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Tote Bags are In!

I love my new tote bag...featuring an image of my painting Force of Nature. Vistaprint was having a sale and I couldn't resist. I had four more made to possibly sell at the Art Crawl or on Etsy. 

They are a Two-tone (black bottom &  handles with off-white bag) canvas bag--made of 100% natural 12 oz. cotton canvas. Very durable. It's BIG--19" (width) x 15" (depth) x 6" (bottom)--plenty of room to carry all your stuff to/from work, the studio, grocery store...

Good for the environment and fun for me!

(I am thinking about ordering more, but wonder if I should drop my name/website info...not as good for marketing, but might sell better. What do you think?

Update: Still want to know what you think, but I have listed a few with my name/website on etsy--check it out here!)


soraya nulliah said...

Dear Risa-I absolutely LOVE your bags! I think the ones with your name are fine...maybe drop the website address because that looks too promotional to sell. But you can give the ones with your website away when someone buys something. I am so very proud of you...all these little steps you are taking add up to big ones...they DO!
About this previous comment from annonymous...please don't pay any attention to it. Everyone has the right to comment and say what's on their mind but then...identify yourself and don't leave annonymous comments. And there is no need to be mean. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Keep on doing what you do...we all have a unique vision that we need to contribute to this world. Make art...not war:) Also...you got a great deal on those bags...and the 2 toned ones too! I had to order my business cards etc so I paid full price! I wanted to sell them for less...but I paid 13$ for them!Lesson learned!

risa said...

Thank you Soraya! I just woke up and saw that nasty anonymous comment...I deleted it, but it was still hurtful. I don't understand people's motivation to be so cruel. And why that sort of crap can be so gut-wrenching.

Do you get e-mailed deals from vistaprint. I think the bags may be on sale again!

Anyhow, if I order more I think I will at least drop my website.

Any other opinions?

soraya nulliah said...

Dear Risa-just stopping in to "check up on you"...hope you don't mind. I am glad you deleted that comment but I can understand that it would hurt. Never you mind...sometimes people are mean because you are doing what they wish they were doing but DON'T. Just focus on you and your work...one small step at atime.
Yes, I do get e-mails from them...a lot! But I barely have time to read them! I have so much stuff to do...I want to order more bags but with a different print so I have to take pics, photoshop etc. I have a toddler...have to do these things around her schedule. Are you selling prints? I just ordered my printer/scanner tonight (after 2 months of reaserach)...it was driving me batty. I hope I made the right call...it was pretty expensive.
No more suggestions for your bag..I think they look great. Vista does a great job with colors
Take care of YOU and focus on your vision atht NO-ONE else can put forh in this world:) xxxS ending you extra love