Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Working in the Middle

Just a quick update...spent yesterday working more in that difficult "middle phase" on this one. It's bigger than I usually work...and made even more complicated, because it is actually two 24x30 canvases...makes it hard to step back and get a good look at the whole piece. Finally I hung it on the wall, so I could really step back and look at it better. Still not the best picture, because the only place I could hang it in the studio was the entry hallway--no natural light there. I've used some metallic colors (copper & bronze)...which I really like, but also makes it hard to photograph. (You'll just have to come to the Art Crawl to get a really good look yourself!)

I don't think it's quite done...but getting there. I'm letting it hang on the wall for a few days...so I can keep looking at it and consider any changes. I want this piece to reflect change and energy and all the power of the emotions that go along with that. (sometimes I hate writing about my work...it's hard to find the right words).

So with that painting waiting in the wings, I worked on finishing up some other smaller paintings today--hoping to get them done in time for the Art Crawl.


samos said...

I think it's gorgeous Risa! Do you like working bigger? I go back and forth, but bigger seems to work better for me and my abstracts. I can't seem to portray the energy when working smaller. And I'm with you on talking about our work. Sometimes we hope the painting speaks for itself.

Jo Wholohan said...

thanks for stopping by rise, i love this painting, working big is somewhat daunting to me :)) xx