Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Art Crawl...done!

I'm taking a few days to "recover" from Art Crawl weekend! It was a very busy three days. (I've decided three days is a long time to host an open studio in your home...but I can and will do it twice a year!)  

Traffic was down just a bit...probably due to the incredibly gorgeous weather outside. Highs were in the 80's--20 degrees above normal. Last year at the Fall Art Crawl we saw snowflakes (the opposite extreme)! I don't fault anyone for not wanting to spend time indoors when the weather was simply breathtaking!

But we still had great traffic thru the studio and it was wonderful visiting with so many new folks. It was great to hear such positive feedback about my work! I did a lousy job of taking photos, but here are a few to give you an idea of how things looked inside my studio/home/gallery--

a sideways view of the entryway hallway/gallery

the opposite wall of the entryway
Funky Eggplants--these three-6x8-sold!

Embracing Beauty-20x20- plus Little Birds
My jewelry and treat table just inside the entryway
Inner gallery space
Of course, offering Mabel's Molasses Cookies

I'm now spending a few days at home...cooking soup, enjoying a visit with my mom, and soaking up this gorgeous fall weather that we are being blessed with. Hopefully, my soul will be recharged in a few days and I will be back in the studio!


Gloria said...

Oh I love it Risa! I am almost tempted to do that in my studio once it is painted and set up. Great idea and your paintings are awesome. Good way to get new people interested in your work. Thanks for the idea. I had thought about doing something like this and now it's right at the top of the list. How fun, thx for sharing.

Gloria said...

Oh and enjoy the Fall weather. We are still hot over here in Modesto, CA

julie Haymaker thompson said...

3Days WOW that is a long time it all looked very polished !!