Monday, February 25, 2008

Art crawl prep

Tonight Joel and I attended an organizational meeting for the St. Paul art crawl. This spring I will be participating in the St. Paul art crawl for the first time legitimately (we opened our doors last spring, but was not registered and I showed some older art work). I am using the art crawl as an incentive to get new work done. It is working.

We've decided to go to these last few organizational meetings so we can be more involved, hopefully lend a hand. This event does happen in our community and even if I wasn't an artist, it's an event we love. I'm not sure I like the organizational part of it, but I'll give it a try. I think this year we'll be more observers. Hopefully next year we can be more help.

The art crawl is a wonderful opportunity for the local community of artists to open up their studios and share their work with others. The first time I went to the art crawl (2 years ago) I was a little freaked out going into people's art studios, which are also sometimes their living spaces. But after a while, I realized it was a wonderful opportunity to meet artists and ask them about their work.

Even though it's still a little hard for my introverted self, I'm excited about opening up my studio and hearing what people have to say. Generally, I think people will share positive comments. If they're not interested, they'll simply walk away.

The worst part of being open for the art crawl is that you're not able to go around and see other people's work.

Stay tuned here for more art crawl updates.

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