Monday, February 18, 2008


As I write in my profile, I've been finding a way to make art most of my life. But like most artists, making art has not been my vocation, but always something I have done "on the side". During the years I was raising my kids as a single parent, finding the time and the space to make art was hard, and at times, impossible.

But in the past year, my life has kids are essentially adults now ("in their twenties"...I don't think they're ever truly "on their own") and I got married to a wonderful man after 20 years of singleness. I moved in with my husband in lowertown St. Paul, which has a strong artist community. Our apartment building is surrounded by several buildings that house artist studios...and my husband & I rented one of them! Half of the space is his and the other half is mine. For the first time in my life I have a true art studio where I can paint undisturbed. I can paint and when I'm done for the day, leave my supplies out till I return the next time.

Art is still something I do "on the side", but now with renewed focus and purpose. Yes, I am still making art because it is what I love to do. But I am looking at my art differently. Who says my art isn't "good enough"? Who says I can't exhibit my art and possibly even sell some pieces?

I am determined to make more time for my art. I am determined to exhibit my art and hang it somewhere other than my four walls (or worse having it stored away in some closet).

I've reached that point in my life when it's not too late to dream, but it is getting too late to put your dreams on hold. I don't want to just be an artist "on the side". I want to be an artist in my own right. I may not ever make a living as an artist, but that's not the marker I'm striving for. It's more about pursuing my dream of being an active artist whose work is somewhere other than a closet.

So this blog is dedicated to my journey as an artist and will be a place I share my artistic process. It is also a place where I am looking to challenge myself and welcome feedback. I would also love to hear from other artists and their work.


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