Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I am "on vacation" this week...and basically the only place I am going is across the street and down the block to my studio. While I would like to escape the cold, I am staying close to home. At least the studio is always warm...it's a little bit tropical.

I went to work at the studio around noon today. I stayed for a few hours, but didn't feel all that productive. Actually I felt stuck. I took out some watercolor paper and painted some "doodles" ... not trying to complete a painting, but sometimes something happens when the paint hits the canvas/paper. I am moved by color. It speaks to me. Or speaks for me. I haven't worked in watercolors for quite a while (I've been focusing on acrylics on canvas), but I've always liked the fluidity of watercolors. I find it relaxing and if I'm feeling stuck it helps loosen me up.

I went home for several hours this afternoon and went back for a bit this evening. I started work on a few smaller pieces that I'm doing on canvas paper ... partly as "studies" for larger works I hope to complete later on. I didn't feel stuck or worried (too much anyway) on what the outcome would be.

Sometimes it's enough just to enjoy the process.

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