Sunday, April 27, 2008

The crawl winds down

In an hour, the final day of the crawl begins. I think I saw the sun earlier, but I don't think it plans on sticking around. The weather has been the biggest disappointment of the crawl...but what can you do? Just deal. I'm sure the cold, almost winter-like weather has discouraged some crawl attendees, but it hasn't been that bad. We haven't had a downpour yet (snowflakes yes) and so it's been salvageable.

I've been thrilled with the visitors to the studio. It's been very nice to share my studio with family and friends and I SO appreciate them coming out! THANK YOU!!! Many visitors commented on the lovely colors we've painted the studio...I think the colors were even more appealing with the glooming drab colors outside. Several people shared positive comments regarding my art. I've been happy about selling a fair number of cards that I made featuring prints of some of my work.

Both my kids visited the studio. Cyrus came on Friday night with his girlfriend. He looked at the paintings I was showing and when he came to the older paintings (that I had painted in the early 90's) he was relieved to see that they were not for sale. When he turned around and saw one with a pricetag, he said, "You can't sell that one mom!" Saturday Ana came with her friends and basically had the same reaction. In fact, she convinced me to put a "Not for sale" tag on that one painting. I guess those paintings will be their inheritance one day.

So, I'm off to open the studio for the day! I'll report back at the conclusion of the crawl.

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