Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's nearly 1 am...I should be asleep, but my brain is in overload. It was a rather busy day at my 9-5 job. Sometimes being a social worker gives you all the "people" time you really need...and this being one of those days, I would have loved nothing more than coming home, going to the studio and doing some painting.

But tonight I was registered for another workshop at the Textile Center...this one on setting up an Etsy shop. For those of you who do not know, Etsy is an online site where artists, craftspeople can sell their handmade items. It's sort of Ebay for the art world (only better in my book). I am intending to "open up" my Etsy shop to sell my jewelry and hopefully, some day, paintings and other art/craft work.

It was a great workshop...with lots of much so that I'm having a hard time turning off the brain. My brain is working overtime thinking through the steps I need to take to get my Etsy shop started. Parts of me wants to get going on this right away, while the information is all fresh. The wiser part of me says hold up, wait till the art crawl is over. I'm not sure...but it will be happening soon.

So keep an eye here for the announcement of the grand opening of my Etsy shop, simply titled "created by risa".

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