Saturday, September 6, 2008


Only 5 weeks till the Fall Art Crawl.

More and more I realize that I will never have everything done for the art crawl that I want--because creating art is a fluid process. There is no clear starting and ending point in the creative process. Yes, for any particular piece there is a point where you start and a point when you finish the actual piece (although sometimes it's hard to decide when you're done). But the process of creating is not so clear cut. As you're painting (or whatever medium you're working in) ideas are swimming in your head; one painting leads to another which leads to another. The work I do on one piece often influences the next work I do.

And so it goes. I realize that when the art crawl happens, I will be showing the pieces I've finished...while new paintings are in the works. The feedback that I get during the crawl will have some impact on the work I go on to do. I am already thinking far the work I hope to have finished by the time of the spring art crawl.

That said, my brain is making a mental list of the things--besides painting-- that I need to work on before the crawl. I need to work on framing, making cards, finish some jewelry....Having a deadline always helps you get that stuff done.

So after a few days of r & r, I'm busy at the studio again. We left town for a few days to escape the Republican Convention happening just blocks away. It was very weird to see so many cops and Secret Service around. I'm happy things are back to normal--meaning quiet--in St. Paul.

We spent a few days in Red Wing, one of our favorite towns. We took a leisurely route home, stopping in Northfield. Somehow I've never made it to Northfield. But now that I've been there, I know I'll be back. It is a wonderful small town--with great artsy stores in the downtown area. I found a fabulous bead store that I could have spent all afternoon in. There were also several stores featuring arts and crafts of various artists and a small art gallery as well. It was the sort of day that fuels my creativity.

So back to the studio. Thursday I was in a bit of funk, just trying to re-adjust to "real life" versus "vacation life". I grabbed a painting that I had set aside quite some time ago and made some major changes...and finished it. It ended up looking quite different than I had initially imagined it, but I'm happy with it. That can pull you out of a funk in no time.

I also did some window shopping at Dick Blick's. Dick Blick's is my favorite art store. Right now (thru October 12) they have their fantastic Back to School sale--which includes tremendous savings on canvases. I didn't buy any, but I'm making my list and plan to return when I will buy at least 20 canvases (thus getting the maximum savings). I try to buy enough canvases to last me the year (this sale is typically repeated in January).

Tomorrow I'll be back to the studio and then Monday, I'll really return to "real life"--back to work I go.

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