Sunday, September 21, 2008


I just finished my Dick Blick canvas shopping. I love walking in there and buying 20 canvases. It's a little bit of a guess what sizes to get (and since I only had the car, none were gigantic)...but I got a nice assortment and will have plenty to keep me busy for months to come. The sale will be back in January, so I'll probably buy 20 more then.

I've been busy working at the studio and also making jewelry. I finished 3 more necklaces this weekend. I'll get some pictures taken soon to post.

Last Thursday night I took a workshop on "marketing/promoting yourself as an artist". It was good...I learned about a few new resources. Basically I found out that I am thinking about all this the right way and just need to keep plugging away. It amazes me that nearly as much time needs to be put into "marketing" your art as making it.

For now, my next goal is to get ready for the fall crawl--just 3 weeks away.

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