Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday, Monday

How come it is when you have the most to do you just want to take a nap?

The Art Crawl begins on Friday evening. This Friday evening. I am nowhere near as ready as I would like to be. This morning I am revising my To Do list for the week and trying to be realistic.

I went to the studio before work this morning and will spend some time there this evening after work. I feel exhausted already. Note to self: take the week prior to the Crawl off, or at least half the week. I am planning to only take Friday off. Bad plan.

This will be one of those weeks were juggling being a wife, mom, social worker and then artist is a bit too much. Something is bound to lose out. I think I just need to tell the people around me that this week I will be a little less of a wife, mom and social worker.

Next week you can have more of me.

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