Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring is in the Air: Macy's Flower Show

 Spring is definitely in the air! I am off work this next week and I plan to get lots of stuff done! Mostly I plan to spend time in the studio doing lots of painting in preparation for the Spring Art Crawl--less than a month away! Yikes!

Today I soaked up a little inspiration by going to the Flower Show at Macy's with the hubby.  This is a annual spring trip. Even though it will be a few months till we can really plant flowers around here, it was great to enjoy this indoor garden! It's a bit more elaborate than your typical backyard garden.

The colors and smell of the flowers when you walk in is overwhelming. It's fairly dark in the auditorium where the show is held, so not the easiest venue for taking photos. With the help of Picasa, I was able to fix these up a bit.

There are a few of the scenes that were part of the show.

There were actually small birds in the rather large birdhouse was wonderful to hear them sing.

After the show, it was back to the studio to do some painting. The flower show inspired me to continue working on my poppy series.
And I plan to head back to the studio tomorrow--I'm hoping to show you pics of works in progress then. 

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Diane said...

Oh, what a beautiful form of art!!