Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good-bye Studio 507!

Yesterday we completed our move out of our home, Tilsner Studio 507. In many ways, I am so glad we're out--it's too hard living between two places. It was a very, very long two weeks of moving furniture, all our belongings, and then this week--painting our old place. I painted every wall of the place when we moved in and we had to prime all our walls back to white. The "high quality" primer we bought was actually crap and made the job that much harder. 

I will miss Studio #507. It was the first home that hubby and I chose together. I will miss how me made it home, by painting all those walls and decorating it our way. I will miss watching the sun rise over the river...and how the river changes with the seasons. 

But painting all the walls white, made the place cold & sterile...and no longer our home. We said our good-byes...and now we're ready to settle into Studio 107. There will be no view of the river, but one can't complain much when you have 20 foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. Over time we will make it our home.

We're not quite done with the moving...we still need to move our stuff out of our Jax studio by the end of the month! My body is worn out and I'm really missing studio time...but the end is in least I keep telling myself that!


ArtSnark said...

Good luck with the move! Look forward to pics of the new space :D

Liz-Anna said...

It looks like a beautiful space, Risa! Have fun making it your own.

Gloria said...

Hi Risa! I'm really excited to see your beautiful studio come to life. I like that you have your names for the studio. Hope you finish soon and recover from the move, and then the work will begin again, "making it your own." Exciting though. Have a great week.