Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moving on!

Last week was all about finishing up "The Move." We rented a truck and moved all the big furniture out of the Jax studio (along with several carloads filled with boxes of art supplies...). It's all in our new place now...not quite organized, but getting there.

It was a big deal saying good-bye to my first studio. The Jax studio has been my home away from home, my haven, my artist retreat for the past four years. (I wrote about my hubby and I moving into the space here.) It was such a huge leap to have that separate space dedicated to working on my art. I became much more serious (and productive) about painting and then sharing my work with the public through open studio events. It helped me think of myself as an artist. It's the place where I started to realize my dreams as an's the place where I went from keeping those dreams to myself to sharing them with the world. Huge, huge steps!

I'll admit it was a little hard to say good-bye to the space, but I'm feeling good about moving on. My studio practice is now so strong that I know I will be just as productive working in my home studio...maybe even more productive, because who doesn't want to paint in their jammies?!?

I am ready to be done with moving! Moving was frustrating in all sorts of ways--besides being physically demanding (we did most of it ourselves), studio time was very minimal this past month. That part drove me crazy! But it has been a good time to take stock of what I have accomplished in the past few years...and also take a look at many works of progress. Sometimes looking at unfinished pieces with a set of fresh eyes helps you realize what you need to do to finish them (and occasionally there is that "what was I thinking" reaction!)
So now the only moving I'm doing is moving forward! I'll be back soon with pics of the new studio space and more BIG news of changes in my life!

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Gloria said...

How exciting and what a big studio space. You are definitely an established artist.