Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting my Groove back!

Just a quick update here (I know it's been a while!):

I sort of re-discovered my painting groove a few weeks ago, only to "lose" it again when I started working my new job. Last Friday I started my new gig as a Visitor Assistant at the Science Museum of Minnesota, specifically for the King Tut Exhibit. The most immediate adjustment has been dealing with the aches and pains of the job--I stand for my entire shift (6-7 hours), save my lunch break. Not easy on this 50-year-old body! I bought new cushion-y shoes and 2 days later bought new cushion-y inserts for the new cushion-y shoes. It's helping, but at the end of the shift, my back and feet are hurting. (Other than that, the job has been great!)

So I've been heading to bed early and chilling (stretching!) before work. Oh ya, we also had a snowstorm (15+ inches) this weekend. It's been gray, cold, windy...might I say, a little depressing in the weather department!

This morning I woke up to the sun streaming through the windows...a definite day brightener! It's amazing how much a sunny day will put me in the mood to paint...and so I did...and I'm happy to report--Risa got her groove back!


ArtSnark said...

other than the aches, sounds like a cool job. I used to be on my feet all day & found that really really good shoes are worth the extra $. (And wearing a thermacare heatwrap during the shift can help too sometimes)

Anonymous said...

Hi Risa...the studio looks wonderful (a little envy here), the job sounds very, very interesting, your work is really coming along beautifully and I've got a little surprise for you on my blog (http://veronicafunk.blogspot.com). A little something to brighten your day :)