Sunday, February 27, 2011

Peacock Painting #2

For Christmas, I painted a Peacock painting for my daughter. (I wrote about it here)  I enjoyed painting it so much I decided to paint another, only larger. I finished it a few weeks ago. This one is 30x30 (the earlier one was 24x24).

I enjoyed working with the rich, royal colors...quite a contrast to the sea of white that makes up our winter landscape. 

I also like the movement and energy of the feathers swirling around the peacock's head. 

I'm not certain I'm done with the peacock theme just yet. I may need to paint another peacock painting somewhere down the road. I have visions of a painting with a woman and a peacock...haven't started it yet, but the idea of it keeps swimming around in my creative brain. 

I do intend to sell this painting, but for now, this painting is adorning my studio, providing inspiration...and waiting for its new home.

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ArtSnark said...

wonderful! Great color & motion :D You should submit to this week's - the prompt is "swarm" & those feathers fit