Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Force of Nature: the progression of a painting

This is the first completed painting in a new series I've started this past month. The series is titled "Force of Nature: Womanspirit Revisited". This painting is a key part of the series and titled "Force of Nature". These paintings evolve out of my life experiences and work that I first explored some 15 years ago. I have the ideas for over a half dozen paintings in my head. Now the work is in transferring those ideas onto canvas using paint.

Here's the painting at the beginning. I start by blocking out the shape of the figure with paint.

Next the background color is laid down.

I continue to work on the painting, frequently stepping back and looking at the shape, colors...the middle stages are the hardest, the time when the doubts that I'm on the right path are the strongest...will this come together as the vision in my head?

It's getting there...but I'm still looking for the painting to express the energy, that "force of nature" I am searching for. I push past the doubts and keep painting.

Finally, it all comes together. She is a "Force of Nature". This powerful woman represents every woman (including myself) I know that has pushed past every obstacle that comes her way to reach her goal, to be her true self.
As women, I don't think we are always in touch with that powerful force inside us. We may not even realize it is there. Sometimes it only seems to kick in when something ugly and destructive comes our way. Mess with our kids, threaten our bodies or livelihood...and that "force of nature" becomes a true force to reckon with.
I have already started working on the next painting in this series. But I think this painting will always remain a favorite. I have also decided that this is the painting I am entering in the State Fair Fine Arts Competition. With any luck, I'll be able to share this "Force of Nature" with lots of folks visiting the fair.

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Julie said...

I love seeing the progression of the painting--thanks for the behind the scenes look at the beautiful end product. And I am rooting for you to get in to the State Fair!