Sunday, July 13, 2008

A long month ends

It's been a long--very long month. First, I had a bout of salmonella--yup, the same salmonella that's part of the nationwide outbreak. It was some nasty stuff and pretty much knocked me out of commission for a few weeks. Then I had a family emergency to tend to...and well, there's not been a lot of time in the studio.

At the end of my salmonella bout, I managed to send an e-mail entry in to the poster competition for the fall art crawl. It wasn't really what I wanted to submit, but it was all I could pull together. (I should hear about their selection this week)

Finally, last week I was able to get back to the studio. I started work on a painting that I plan to submit to the State Fair Fine Arts competiton. In fact, I have the painting registered for the competition. It's a simple (and free) entry registration for the competition. Any Minnesota artist can enter one piece of artwork. You register the artwork online and then drop it off for the jury to review at the beginning of August. I'm not really expecting to be selected, but entering is something I've always wanted to do. Now that I know it's so easy to enter, I think I'll be trying every year.

I also have done some beading. I work in periodic bursts of creativity--4 necklaces in 3 days. And then life gets busy...

I will post some pics once I have them uploaded.

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