Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beginning mixed-media work

I wanted to share these "works in progress". I am working with photos of WWI soldiers. I think these are "portraits" that were taken before these soldiers were sent overseas.
To me, these portraits speak volumes. They feel so powerful and when I "rescued" them (along with a huge box of vintage photos taken from my mother's house...they once belonged to a great aunt) I knew they were an art project in the making. Finally, I am starting to work with these photos.

First off, these photos of my work aren't the best pictures--I'm no photographer...and then after I snapped a few, my camera battery died...I'll take more as the work progresses...and these are works in their beginning stages. I am working on small canvases--6x8, 8x8, & 8x10.
My daughter just saw these photos and didn't like the red...looked too much like blood to her. I think that's just the affect of the photo, especially the close-up shots. Also there was another layer of the blue-grey color paint applied after these photos were taken, so the red has already been toned down. I was using the peeling paint technique and liked how it turned out.
I'm now at the point of applying finishing touches...I will be adding words definitely (but not exactly sure what words) and other artifacts?
I would welcome any comments/feedback. And by the way, I've been thrilled with all the recent comments. It's exciting to share my work with others. Thanks!


PCarriker said...

What a great start to these pieces and to 2009! So glad to have met you on the etsy forums:-)

ArtSnark said...

love the start! I can understand the "blood" reaction, however it was an extremely bloody war historically (aren't they all tho?)If you're looking for words, WW1 was famous for their propaganda posters. just google ww1 propaganda & you'll get lots of famous & not so famous sayings. Also a lot of period poetry on the internet too. Sorry for the much cold medicine...look forward to seeing where your pieces flow to next.
Have a great new year!


These are looking patriotic :) I am sure you'll find the right text to add...Stacey's suggestions are very good. It's been fun to meet you in the forum. Happy New Year!!

Lucy said...

I think you are off to a great start to these pieces. Don't over think things when you are working on your pieces,just go with what your instinct is telling you and you'll find the right words and embellishments to add.

happy new year!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

I think the red is perfect. I can't wait to see the finished piece!

Happy New Year!

Michelle Brunner said...

What a wonderful start! I can't wait to see the next thing you do...starting is half the battle don't you think?