Monday, April 19, 2010

Hope Garden

With less than a week before Art Crawl, I finished "Hope Garden" this weekend! Working on this painting the past few weeks has helped me escape the stress at work and keep my spirits up. I love working with such bright, intense colors. It measures 24x36--so it is one of my larger paintings. I think it is even more vibrant viewed in person than these pictures show. I will have it on display during the Art Crawl.

Some detail shots--


Diane said...

BEautiful!! I wish I could be at Art Crawl--sounds wonderful!

Pat said...

Very cheerful painting :)

Donna Heart said...

risa your work is so beautiful - so vibrant and full of life! You would make a great illustrator!!!(if you haven't already !!) your latest piece is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing,
x donna

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful and cheerful! You could make about a half dozen different note cards just from this one painting if you want to get more mileage from it.