Saturday, April 10, 2010

Melange mixed media challenge


I saw this week's challenge on the Melange Mixed Media website--Ice Cream--and had to participate! From time to time, I incorporate some mixed media in my work. This is a painting that I finished this summer. I call it "Ode to Izzy's". Izzy's is my favorite ice cream place in is so good! They make all their own ice creams and make some pretty crazy flavors...but back to the artwork!

It was created on a 16x20 stretched canvas. I used acrylic paints, but also some oil pastel sticks for the face and hands. It's new for me to be painting more realistic people. Painting the ice cream was fun...I used lots of medium to create texture in the ice cream. Oh, that little strawberry dip on top...that's what they call an "izzy". I want a taste!

I used letters that I painted and attached to the canvas to spell out Izzy's. I also used ribbon on the dress and hat, along with a brad on the hat.



You can look at the other pieces completed for this challenge on the Melange site. You can find work by some very talented artists there. Check it out!

I'm thinking about listing this painting in my Etsy shop--probably after the Art Crawl...unless someone buys it at the Art Crawl first!

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