Thursday, March 17, 2011

Small paintings

Some days I just feel like painting small pieces. I worry sometimes that it's a waste of time, but I enjoy doing them. They may start out as studies for larger pieces, but more often than not, they are paintings all on their own. Working on them is a form of meditation. I can hold the piece in my hand, think about things like color and composition, and just forget the rest of the world.

I am thinking of opening our new space for April's Lowertown First Friday and featuring my collection of small paintings. This event is scheduled for Friday, April 1st: 6-9 pm. 


ArtSnark said...

lovely colors

Michele Fauss said...

I love doing small paintings. I like working big as well, but sometimes it's a lot of fun to go small. Besides I tend to produce them much faster, and that's always fun to have a new batch to hang up or show off. :)