Friday, May 6, 2011

Email Update

Well, the anxiously awaited email did NOT arrive on Thursday. It did not, in fact, arrive until the dinner hour today! Since I was out on a Date Night with my Honey, I did not receive the news till late this evening.

The news was not favorable. I did not make the cut. Only 51 (not 100) finalists were selected. About 32 of those will be awarded grants.  I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a friend who's a finalist!

I'm still in the allowed "feeling lousy" phase. I've had a good, long cry and I'm starting to feel a little better.
I know, in my head, that's it's silly to let my self-worth as an artist be determined by a panel of folks who have never even seen my work. And I know this was super-competitive. But just like everyone else who applied my hopes were high and my ego just got bruised a bit.

And yes, I have already placed that consolation order to Dick Blick.

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Gloria said...

Oh I'm so sorry Risa. Their loss. Now you go and spend some money at Dick's, and just have fun. There will be other times. Glad you had a good cry, that does help sometimes. Great weekend to you.