Monday, May 30, 2011

Nourishing my creative soul

Since I've been trying to nourish my creative soul and Friday was my only free day of this holiday weekend (working the rest of it at the museum), I decided to enjoy a day trip to Hudson, Wisconsin on Friday. Our first stop was The Phipps Center for the Arts.  These first photos are of work by fiber art students at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. .

I also wanted to check out the Phipps galleries to see the work of former Tilsner artist, Jill Van Sickle.  Beautiful, as always.

Following our visit to the Phipps, we visited several other shops in Hudson and then made our way across the river (and state lines) to Stillwater--where we also visited several galleries and shops. We wrapped up our trip with a drive to Marine on St. Croix--another town I love. Of course, we drove through the Jackson Meadow community just outside of town...which always inspires me. 

As an artist, it's always important to nourish my creative soul. Honestly, I think we all need to do that on a daily basis. I do it many ways, often without much thought. But when I find myself in a slump, creatively or otherwise, I try to pay more attention to filling my "creative bank". 

Often that can be as simple as visiting places where I find beauty--a favorite gallery/museum, a garden in full bloom, or spending time with family and friends.

I'm starting to feel my creative spark coming back. I'm starting to think about more projects and dream of new paintings. My task this coming week will be to clean and organize my studio...I think that alone will open up some creative energy!

I'll try to have new pictures of my working space soon (there's a challenge!) 

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mackyton said...

Really liking all these creative paintings. Will refer this post to my cousin as he is a superb painter. Went for a designer exhibition at one of the splendid event space in LA with my sister. Loved the unique collection. Wall colors were quite soothing and interior was also quite ship shaped.