Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring 2011 Art Crawl

the view into the studio from the doorway

art just outside the studio

A few days have past since this past weekend's Art Crawl. For those of you who couldn't make it, I thought I would give a little mini-tour of my home studio space as set up for the Crawl. Welcome.

Furniture was rearranged (and put away) to make our home feel more like a gallery. This was the first time I've shown my work in our new space, so much work was done to prepare the space (including painting our outer door and entryway).  Many visitors were wowed by our space--especially with the huge brick wall and all the light pouring in through the floor to ceiling windows (even on a cold gray day like we had this past weekend).

Most artists, myself no exception, prefer to work on their art in isolation. Sometimes it's a good thing to peek your head outside the studio and see what others think. The Art Crawl provides me with that opportunity to share my work with others. It's a great time to talk about my work, talk about my process and what I'm working on...and get a feed on what people think about my work. It's exhausting and energizing all at the same time.

I had new, as well as older pieces to share. There was a lot of interest and positive feedback about a number of pieces...and that definitely felt good. 

With the Crawl over, I'm enjoying a few days in recovery mode--resting and relaxing--before I start getting ready for another show in a few weeks. This show will be at an outside studio and will be a one-day event, so a bit easier to do. 

And sometime in between all that, I hope to clean & organize my studio and start working on some new pieces.  So much for resting and relaxing.


rebecca said...

i'm a sucker for trees- love that whole series you have there. your house FEELS like a studio for sure!

ArtSnark said...

Wow the place & art look fantastic! It must be so satisfying to here direct feedback from viewers - such a refreshing alternative to bumbling around the virtual social stuff

Gloria said...

Looks great!Glad you are finally all set up and ready to do. Yay! Thanks for sharing a tour of your great studio.

Stacy said...

I did not get the opportunity to really speak with you about your work at the ArtCrawl but I did really enjoy it. Being a writer, I don't know much about painting(s), but I loved your use of color and I loved the birches! My craft is solitary, so I both envy and pity you for your exposure at the ArtCrawl.I hope you enjoyed it and were as inspired by it as your guests. Thank you for inviting us into your home and for sharing your beautiful work.