Saturday, August 9, 2008

Moving forward

Things keep moving many good ways.

Friday afternoon I left work early to go pick up my painting at the fairgrounds. It was a bit bittersweet picking it up--before it was seen by anyone but the judges. But since I picked it up my painting on the first day, there were still submission forms for an exhibit at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. Each year the Hopkins Center for the Arts invites the artists who were not selected for the State Fair show to exhibit the same piece of artwork at an exhibition titled "Salon 300: State Fair Overflow Show". A limited number of spaces are available and it's basically first come, first served.

My friend, Julie, called it the "Underdog Show". I like that.

At first I thought this wouldn't be something I'd be interested in. But on the way home from the fairgrounds, I thought--why not? The painting was ready to go. I had the form. And my painting would be exhibited and still seen by the public. Maybe not as many folks, but who knows...maybe it will lead to other opportunities I don't even know about yet.

I got home and had a package waiting for me. My business cards arrived--I only ordered them on Sunday! I ripped open the package and was thrilled. On the left side of the card is a photo of one of my paintings (the same one on the upper right side of this blog above "About Me"). I'm very happy with how they look.

The business cards came as a timely reminder that I am still moving forward and doing more with my art. There will be disappointments along the way, but I am still moving forward.

So Date Night included a trip out to Hopkins to drop off my painting. The lady that received it was so nice and made me feel good about bringing it in. Maybe she's been in my shoes.

The show opens with a reception next Saturday evening from 6-8 pm. I can't wait to see it there. The exhibit is up through August 31st.

I'll be making a few trips to Hopkins the second half of August. Hope to see you there!

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