Sunday, August 3, 2008


So Saturday was the big day...I delivered my painting to the Fine Arts Building at the State Fairgrounds to be judged for the annual competition. I finished the framing late, late Thursday night. I was o.k. with the's definitely something I will get better at.

My daughter went with me to drop it off. I was a little excited and a whole lot nervous. There was a steady flow of artists dropping off their work, but the whole process only took about 5 minutes. As I handed over my painting, I wanted to rub it and wish it luck or something. I also wanted to size up the competition, but that wasn't really possible.

I don't know why this is so important to me. I mean any Minnesotan can enter. But I have always dreamed of just entering the competition. I always thought the process would be more difficult, but that part isn't hard at all. I guess there are a few reasons this is important to me. I LOVE the state fair. Anyone who knows me, knows that. And every year, I make my way to the Fine Arts building to check out the exhibit. Heck, I usually make multipe trips to the fair each year and every visit includes a stop at the Fine Arts exhibit. I admire the work, find a few favorites...and imagine having one of my pieces hang on those walls someday being admired by others.

Maybe this year...

I should know no later than Thursday and while I'm glad there is such fast turnaround, it's also going to be very hard to focus on other things. The news will come in an e-mail. I get nauseous just thinking about opening that one.

But I've accomplished this first goal. And I do feel good about that.

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