Saturday, February 7, 2009

Holding on to a little girl's dreams

While I was in the studio today I snapped a few pictures of the new piece I finished last week. This is something different for me...a mixed media piece. I am experimenting with some different processes, using different materials...This piece was completed on a 9x12 board (new for me). I first painted the board and then applied some pieces of paper with gel medium...for sort of a quilt-like affect. I painted on top of that, and also added the picture of me as a little girl. I used pencil on the face and figure. I added the words printed on paper and other accents. A little bit of gold paint was added in certain areas...I rubbed the paint on with a foam brush and my finger and then wiped some of it away.
I've always wanted to try some mixed media work...and that experimentation is in full swing. One of the books I am currently reading is Kelly Rae Roberts Taking Flight and this piece/technique is inspired in part by her book. The subject matter is also inspired by my reading of Twelve Secrets of Highly Creative Women...this piece pays honor to the dreams I had as a young girl to be an artist.
As often is the case, this piece feels like it is part of a new series. I am planning to continue experimenting with this subject by doing some similar pieces on larger canvases.


Linda Hardy said...

Awe, I love that piece! I can see where you could do an entire line of that theme. I like how you did all the different methods together too.

Congrats! Very nice and I can't wait to see more of what you have in mind...........

Mamapainter a/k/a Linda

wyanne said...

What a wonderful painting! Isn't mixed media fun! No rules...just like when we were kids. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your well wishes. It really meant a lot. Love, Wyanne

BurrOakOriginals said...

Nice work, Risa. I'm also reading Taking Flight, and enjoying the inspiration. I guess, for me, it's that "fear" holding me back... of not being good enough. This piece, and your post on the 3rd, perhaps gives me the push I needed to just dive in. I'm off now to look into the other book you mention... 12 Secrets... Sounds good.