Friday, February 6, 2009

Julie's work

Last weekend, on that beautiful sunny Saturday, I stopped at the Textile Center to check out their current member show (click on the link on the right to check out their website). My best friend and fellow artist, Julie, had this wonderful piece in the show! Julie lives in upstate New York and shipped the piece out here to Minnesota to be in the show. I just had to go visit! I even sneaked a few photos so I could send them on to Julie.
It was a wonderful show...well, worth the visit. It also was a good reminder that there are many places out there where you can show your just need to keep looking for possibilities.

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Julie said...

Thanks for posting him on your site Risa! I read somewhere that a work of art is not complete until it has been seen--it is communication and needs to be received by someone. Seeing the picture of him there completes it for me. Thank you!