Sunday, August 23, 2009

Four Seasons

Another beautiful Sunday at the studio. Today I started work in earnest on a series of 4 paintings--all 10x20--each one of a woman representing a different season. The working title for the series is Four Seasons--but please, jump in here with better ideas!

Today I worked on Spring. The above pictures show the progression of today's work. It's not finished yet, but I got a good start. I have also started Summer, but not much actual work done on it yet. I have a good idea of what I want to do. Fall & Winter have not yet been started.

I'm hoping this series will be done in time for the Fall Art Crawl. The idea for this series was born around the time of the spring Art Crawl, so it's time for this series to be born!

Again, I'm trying some new things--first off, they will be mixed media pieces. On Spring's head is a nest made from cut up vintage song sheets and eggs cut from paper as well. Also these paintings are part of my exploration into painting faces...something I haven't done much of and I can understand why--it's not easy and I struggle with it. But I want to give it a try. I'm not trying to be a portrait artist or even paint a face that's highly realistic...I am just aiming for something visually pleasing and interesting (and interesting doesn't always equal realism!)

So there you have it. I'm planning to take pics as I work on each "season" and when I'm all done put together a little video montage. Sometimes I think it's fun to see the progression of a work from start to finish. I'm going to try to take more shots, so you can see the paintings at all stages--even when it's not looking good!

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