Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Savoring Summer

You know how when you're waiting for news, you keep checking your messages? Well, that was me today. In the back of my mind I was aware all day that the email should be sent out today about my submission into the AZ Gallery's exhibit titled "Savoring Summer".

It was a long day at work...and not because I was waiting for this email. I came home frustrated from work and feeling a bit discouraged. Then I logged on and there in my "inbox" was the email. I hesitated before opening it...I really dreaded getting any other bad news on an already dreary day. Instead...


My painting, Ode to Izzy's, was accepted into the show.
AZ Gallery is located in the Northern Warehouse Building at 308 Prince Street in St. Paul between Black Dog Cafe and Tanpopo Noodle Shop--it's a small, intimate gallery located just a block from our place. They frequently feature works of member artists, but also produce exhibits with various themes. Since they are nearby, I've been checking out their exhibits as they change each month and keeping an eye out for an opportunity to submit. I was also working up the courage to do so.

When the call for submissions went out, I thought about it...but sort of put it on the back burner. I didn't have a piece ready that necessarily fit the theme. But frankly, I was getting a little tired of letting those opportunities sit on "the back burner" until the deadline had passed. I decided it was time to at least make a valient effort.

As you have read here,
I went to work on a few new paintings with the deadline for submissions looming. I got this piece done with no time to spare, but was still not certain. And then I decided that it was better to try and not get in then to have never submitted and wonder "what if".

I'm awfully glad I tried.

The exhibit will open on Friday, September 4th with an opening reception from 6-9 p.m. A closing ceremony will be held on Friday, September 25th from 6-9 p.m. Normal gallery hours are Fridays 5-8 and Saturdays & Sundays from 10-2 p.m. (come and check out the Farmer's Market a block away). I hope you can come check it out sometime during the month of September!


Tricia said...

I love that painting. Congratulations on getting accepted into the show.

paperdreamer said...

Congratulations that is great news ! Inspires me to check out the local galleries here .

Jessie said...

I can certainly see why that painting was chosen! It's fabulous! (also makes me want some ice cream!)


whyte said...

Love this Risa, a little diff from your narm. Ice cream happens to be my mostest favoritest food in the world!

ArtSnark said...

Yay! congrats :D

pinkglitterfae said...

congratulations!! See, it pays to be fearless, and just go for it. Good for you!