Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend to weekday ...

It's almost Fair from the 2007 MN State Fair
taken by me!

Switching gears from weekend to weekday mode...not easy.

Overall, it was a lovely summer weekend. Friday, Date Night, we opted for a relaxing night at the movies. We saw Julie and Julia. Perfect choice. Incredible cast--Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, Amy Adams. Inspiring story of two strong, creative women. Sensual. Humorous. Lively. Best movie I've seen in a bit (not that I go to many!). Great kick-off to the weekend.

Saturday morning we took a quick walk thru the Farmer's Market before we took off to run some errands. One of our stops was at the State fairgrounds to drop off my painting for the Fine Arts competition. I've talked to my artist friend about's like dropping off one of your kids! I entered last year, so I know the drill...on Wednesday or Thursday I'll get an email that tells me if my work is accepted or not. You better believe I'll be checking my email this week! The rest of the day was just more errands/chores, helping my son... Joel and I did manage to get out to take in an opening at a nearby gallery featuring the work of one of the other artists that live in our building.

Sunday was devoted to studio time...which made me very happy. Once I got to the studio I put on some tunes (Stevie Wonder, Boz Scaggs, VanMorrison...old school stuff) and went to work. I've been working on some new stuff, different stuff--different for me in some ways. This summer I seem to be working on more still lifes, "snapshots" of people...Two pieces I'm hoping to finish this coming weekend so I can enter them into a competition with a summer theme. Ironically, these paintings would have fit into the State Fair show nicely--and probably would have stood a better chance of being accepted. Oh well, maybe I'll have something ready for next year's State Fair competition!

But the weekend flew by all too fast as it always does and I had to shift gears and trudge off to the 9-5 job today. Monday's are always the hardest day to change focus. But I made it thru the day and even managed to make it to the studio for an hour this evening.

Things feel very busy...and I feel very busy, continuing to work on new pieces. I'm feeling the painting muse these days and trying to paint as much as I can. I'm also working at getting my work seen...entering or planning (hoping) to enter some shows, trying to finish up more work so I can truly go out there & approach some coffee shops, smaller galleries about showing my work. And the Fall Art Crawl is just two months away!

I feel like I'm waiting for some good things to fall into place, but while I'm waiting I'll just keep painting on!

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