Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Leap of Faith

Rebirth 16x20

I have sufficiently recovered from my Birch Trees painting not being selected for the art crawl competition to take another risk and enter the MN State Fair Fine Arts competition. As they say, "try, try again". Both are "free" entry fee. Nothing to lose in some ways. Certainly worth taking the risk.

I entered the State Fair competition last year without success. And yet entering was a success of sorts--it seems my entire adult life I've dreamed of being in this show. I don't might be silly that it means so much to me...but as those close to me know, I am a State Fair fanatic. I'm excited about being on vacation this year for the entire 10-day period of the fair! Woohoo!

It is a tough show to get into...last year there was around 2400 entrants with 385 pieces of artwork selected. And my "subject matter" isn't typical fair fare...jurors seem to favor local subject themes, landscapes and such...But as they say, "nothing ventured, nothing gained". Right...remind me of that when I'm sulking.

Regardless of whether this piece is accepted or not, it is a piece that means much to me. I thought I would share what I wrote about this painting when I have shown it in my studio--

For all of us, starting new ventures require us to summon up energy and courage, while still take care of our selves. Taking risks is full of challenges, but in the end, pays big dividends.

These past few years have been all about taking risks and starting new ventures. I saw my kids strike out on their own, moved myself, got married, returned to my job as a social worker, and last but not least, started making art in my studio.

Every time I start a painting, I feel as if I am pushing myself to take some risks. I am also aware of nurturing and listening to my inner voice and creative self that will guide me as I make my art. It's not always easy to strike that balance between staying true to your self while also trying new things.

This painting represents that "jumping off" point...of pushing myself to take risks, while nurturing my inner voice. It is a time filled with passion and energy.

I'm ready to take that leap of faith again.