Saturday, September 26, 2009

Down to the Wire


It's crunch time...Just two weeks till the Art Crawl--which means I'm painting like crazy over at the Jax studio. The above series of paintings (working title "Seasons") includes just a few of the canvases I'm working on and hoping to finish before the Crawl. I was working on 4-5 different canvases today (including 2 of the above)--painting at two different tables, music playing, and having a good time. Sometimes working with a deadline and that sort of intensity helps get the creative juices flowing. Today it was working that way. It felt so-o-o good.

And on a positive note...after several scary days, my stepdaughter's health is improving. She's awake and off the ventilator. Hopefully, she'll be out of the hospital soon. Thank you everyone for your support.


ArtSnark said...

Glad to hear you family & your paintings are both better :D

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Your paintings are coming along beautifully...can't wait to see the finished pieces! Glad your step-daughter is doing better!