Saturday, September 19, 2009

Painter's Block

one of the series I'm hoping to finish before the art crawl

Struggling with a bit of "painter's block"...feeling that urge to paint with the pressure of the art crawl deadline (just 3 weeks away) sort of stopping the flow of things. This was one of those days when too many ideas seemed to be flooding my brain and I just couldn't figure out where to start. Sometimes it's good just to sit in my studio, listen to music, journal, and think about the things I want to work on. And sometimes I just need to pick up the brush and paint. Anything. I got a late start today. I'm determined to get going early tomorrow and just pick up the brush and roll with whatever the muse delivers!

On a positive note, my postcards came today! For the first time I ordered postcards to use as a promotional tool. I will send some out before the art crawl, drop some off at coffeeshops...and have them out at the art crawl for visitors to grap. On the front is an image of one of my paintings (the one to soon be featured in MN Women's Press) and on the back are the dates for the Fall & Spring Art Crawls. I love grabbing postcards when I go to galleries/open studios. It's just another way to help people remember my work (and maybe decide to buy something!). Doing this sort of thing makes me feel so much more professional.

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ArtSnark said...

Look forward to seeing what you do with these canvases :D