Monday, September 7, 2009

Fair Photo #15

Today marks the end of the Minnesota State Fair. Joel and I will make our final trip of the year (Trip #5). It's been a wonderful 12 days of the fair--I've been on vacation the whole time! Beautiful temps (highs in the upper 70s/lower 80s), sunny, no rain...we are sliding into beautiful autumn weather.
I can't believe that the summer is over...the season we long for throughout the long, cold winter is gone in a flash. But really, I love this time of year the most...the temperatures are much more tolerable, there's less humidity...time seems to slow down just a bit.
It is a time of transition...there is a sense that things are about to change. I feel that way too.  

We are feeling more settled in out studio--spent much of this weekend working on home projects (pics soon). I'm feeling good things are happening with my art. Friday night we attended the opening reception for the Savoring Summer show at the AZ gallery. My Ode to Izzy's painting is in the show. It may be hanging in a less than desirable spot, but hey, I entered the competition and was accepted...that alone was a victory to celebrate.
Last week I was also interviewed for an article in the MN Women's Press. I will be their featured cover artist in October. I am over the moon in excitement. This is a Minnesota newsmagazine, published monthly, with the tagline "changing the universe through women's stories".  I have read this publication for over 25 years and to have one of my paintings featured on their cover...BIG STUFF. I have been quiet about this, because I haven't wanted to jinx it...but now that the interview is done, I think I can let my excitement out a bit. Believe me, when I see the cover for the first time you will hear me squealing with excitement! And not only will it be available in print, you will all get to see it online!

It's all making me feel better about taking some risks...which makes me want to take more risks. Sometimes when we try something new, it doesn't work out...but we never know unless we try...and when it does work out, it feels so very sweet.

So, I'm hoping you are all enjoying your Labor Day Weekend. Savor this "last day" of summer. I know I am.

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Kristeena Crabb said...

Wow! Wonderful things really are happening for you. Can't wait to see the magazine cover. Congratulations!