Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now hot off the press!

It's out! The October issue of Minnesota Women's Press--with my painting Force of Nature gracing the cover--is hitting the newstand today!

I've been anxiously waiting for these final September days to pass so that I could finally see this issue out in print. No, I did not see an advance issue. Early in September I did the interview with the Women's Press editor Norma Jean Olson. Interviews are not an everyday kind of thing for me, so I was a little nervous during the interview (which was done over the phone). O.k. I was very nervous. But also very excited.

Once the interview was done, I had to wait...and wait. Believe me, I thought about it alot...wondering what the cover would look like, thinking about what the article/interview would say...I knew that the article would talk quite a bit about how my first marriage was abusive. It's a little hard being that vulnerable and open to the public, but I'm o.k. with that. For starters, I left my first husband over 20 years ago (he's now deceased)...I've had many years to put the whole experience in perspective.

And the important message that I wanted to put out there was that I not only survived the experience, but I am thriving. Making art has been an important part of my healing. I am a stronger woman having gone through that experience. Now I don't think that any person should have to go through that kind of experience to become stronger, but I'm proud of how I weathered that personal storm and have grown from it. It is a part of my life experiences and those experiences do have an impact on my art.

I also hope that other woman who may have faced or are facing similar experience can benefit from reading my story and how my life has turned around. I am excited about my life today and feel fortunate that I am able to pursue my dreams.

So that said, I am very happy with the article and now can sit back and enjoy it. My wonderful, supportive husband called me this morning to tell me that he had spotted the October issue at the St. Paul coffee shop next to our home (and he grabbed several copies). Knowing it would drive me crazy to wait all day to see it, I set out on a journey to find my own copy. After stopping at six different Mpls coffeeshops (and coming up empty), I finally headed over to the Women's Press office and grabbed a few copies. (A friend has since found the issue at a Mpls coffeeshop). I came back to work and excitedly shared it with co-workers. It's a "pinch-me-is-this-real" sort of day.

So if you live in Mpls/St. Paul area and haven't found a copy yet, I hope you will check it out (look for it at local coffeeshops and libraries). For those not in the area, click here to read the article.


Crushshon said...

I read the article and it gave me more insight into the powerful woman you are. You are very modest, but extremely talented and a joy to be around. The article was presented well and actually told a story that most folks (male and female) need to hear - a story about overcoming and reconnecting.

Thank you.

pickleberries said...

Risa, I'm so happy for you! The article and the painting are both beautifully done. Hugs, Lonnie

ArtSnark said...

Congrats! Look forward to reading it

Kristeena Crabb said...

Wow! You are a brave woman putting yourself out there like that and such an inspiration to other women. Kudos to you! I think the article and the cover are very well done.

Toni said...

Congratulations Risa! The cover is beautiful and a wonderful article. Smiling here in Erie for you.